pc deciBel com
pc deciBel com


More than 15 years of presence.

Established in 1994, PC DECIBEL LTD is still growing in the field of telecommunication and public address. From the early beginning until today, our concept was ‘sale, service, support’. The slogan encompasses our philosophy to keep in mind the present and future needs of our customers.   

Communicate efficiently.

We can offer you installation and maintenance on small and medium capacity Telephony Systems by Grandstream, IP Telephony Servers (based on Linux) and Analog Telephone Systems from Panasonic. 

Moreover, we can supply you with Inter-building Wireless Connection, Voice Mail, Call logging and Recording equipments. Also, we are able to design and install structure cabling systems.

Sound professionally.

In the field of public address, we can bring to you professional sound systems made by Proel. Such as Music Systems, Single or Multi-zone Sound and Announcement Systems and Voice Evacuation Systems.


Do you know Graham Bell

The concept behind our name is an honor to Graham Bell, inventor of telephone. The decibel, which is used in the name, is the measuring unit of both sound and telephone. 

'PC’ it stands for Pambos Constantinou, owner and creator of the company.