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We are distributors in Cyprus

The equipment we offer is manufactured by Proel-Italy. Proel is worldwide known for its professional equipment for Sound and Audio. High quality performance, versatility and carefully designed to ensure the best results.

In our office/shop you can find available all the products we refer to in the Catalogue below. For any orders and other products you might need, do not hesitate to Contact us.

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Have a look at Proel, Italy website and you can check other products that we can bring for you.

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Commercial Audio for Business

Business/ Companies

In commercial audio, we provide the equipment and installation for Sound Systems. We take care of your business, big or small, for projects regarding music, events and/or announcement systems.Some of our projects include restaurants, coffee shops, small and large shopping facilities, hotels and commercial buildings.

We understand the importance of the customer having a pleasant experience. Background music and announcements play an important role yet sometimes get to be neglected as a matter. With us, you can improve and upgrade to a better and safer environment for your business and your clients/ customers.

As for entertainment purposes, you can rest on us to develop a plan and install a Sound System from start to the end. From the products to covering specific installation requirements or planning. 

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We have prepared a list with all the available products and detailed information. Don't hesitate to contact us.

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Music/ Audio for Stage Performances

Musicians / Studio Recordnigs / Educational

Music is better experienced with better, more defining and more natural sound producing devices. We, too, love music. What's more we love good, high definition audio to enjoy it at its best. Visit our shop and find sound/audio equipment for professional results:

- Speakers and Monitors
- Mixers
- Amplifiers
- Microphones (Vocal & Instrumental)
- Headsets
- Music Sheet Stands
- Cords
- Speaker stands
- Guitar stands

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We have prepared a list with all the available products and detailed information. Don;t hesitate to contact us for more info or specific orders.


In this section you can find more information about Sound Products in PDF format. 

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